Effect of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose and Mannoheptulose on the Insulin Response to Amino Acids in Rabbits

  1. Seymour M Glick, M.D.
  1. Coney Island Hospital affiliated with Maimonides Medical Center Brooklyn, New York


Plasma insulin levels were measured in rabbits in response to the administration of leucine and of arginine. Suppression of the amino-acid-induced insulin secretion by pretreatment with mannoheptulose and with 2-deoxy-D-glucose was attempted. The insulin response to leucine was suppressed to about 50 per cent of control values by both mannoheptulose and 2-deoxy-D-glucose. The response to arginine was not significantly altered by 2-deoxy-D-glucose hut was suppressed to 27 per cent of control values by mannoheptulose. The data suggest that (1) substances interfering with glycolysis can suppress amino-acid-induced insulin release and (2) arginine and leucine cause insulin secretion by different mechanisms.

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