Pancreatic beta-cell glucokinase: closing the gap between theoretical concepts and experimental realities.

  1. F M Matschinsky,
  2. B Glaser and
  3. M A Magnuson
  1. Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the Diabetes Research Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 19104-6015, USA.


    There remains a wide gap between theoretical concepts and experimental realities in the enzyme kinetics and biochemical genetics of the pancreatic beta-cell glucokinase-glucose sensor. It is the goal of present efforts in many laboratories to bridge this gap. This perspective intends to provide a timely review of this crucial aspect of research in glucose homeostasis. It deals briefly with some fundamentals of glucokinase enzyme kinetics, offers some pertinent biochemical genetic considerations, takes stock of the current experimental database of the field by emphasizing human studies and referring to recent mouse studies, and ventures a few extrapolations into the future of this endeavor.

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