Type 2 Diabetes Locus on 12q15

Further Mapping and Mutation Screening of Two Candidate Genes

  1. Arsun Bektas,
  2. Jennifer N. Hughes,
  3. James H. Warram,
  4. Andrzej S. Krolewski and
  5. Alessandro Doria
  1. From the Section on Genetics and Epidemiology (A.B., J.N.H., J.H.W., A.S.K., A.D.), Research Division, Joslin Diabetes Center; and the Department of Medicine (A.B., A.S.K., A.D.), Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.
  1. Address correspondence and reprint requests to Alessandro Doria, MD, PhD, Section on Genetics and Epidemiology, Joslin Diabetes Center, One Joslin Place, Boston, MA 02215. E-mail: adoria{at} .


We recently reported evidence of a novel type 2 diabetes locus placed on chromosome 12q15 between markers D12S375 and D12S1684 (Diabetes 48:2246-2251, 1999). Four multigenerational families having logarithm of odds (LOD) scores >1.0 in the original analysis were genotyped for 11 additional markers in this interval to refine this mapping; this allowed us to narrow the linked region to the interval between markers D12S1693 and D12S326. In a multipoint parametric analysis using the VITESSE software, the LOD score for linkage at this location reached 3.1 in one of these families. This interval contains the gene for protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type R (PTPRR)—a protein that may be involved in both insulin secretion and action. After determining PTPRR exon-intron structure, we identified several polymorphisms in this gene but no mutation segregating with diabetes. The search for mutations was also negative for carboxypeptidase M (CPM)—another candidate gene mapped to this region. In summary, our data provide further evidence for the existence of a type 2 diabetes locus on chromosome 12q15. This locus, however, does not appear to correspond to the PTPRR or CPM, although a contribution of mutations in regulatory regions cannot be excluded at this time.


  • The nucleotide sequences reported in this article have been submitted to the GenBank Data Bank with accession numbers AF262940-AF262947 and AF263016-AF263029.

  • Additional information can be found in an online appendix at .

  • CP, carboxypeptidase; LOD, logarithm of odds; MODY, maturity-onset diabetes of the young; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; PTPRR, protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type R; Zmax, maximum LOD score.

    • Accepted August 25, 2000.
    • Received May 10, 2000.
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