High White Blood Cell Count Is Associated With a Worsening of Insulin Sensitivity and Predicts the Development of Type 2 Diabetes


Independent predictive effects of WBC M-low, and AIR on the progression from NGT to diabetes in Pima Indians

Progression from NGT to diabetes Value at 10th or 90th percentile* Relative hazard 95% CI P
M-low (mg/kg EMBS/min) 1.8;4.4 2.5 0.85–7.0 0.1
AIR (pmol/l) 94;475 4.9 2.1–11.4 0.001
WBC (cell/mm3) 5,800;10,700 2.6 1.1–6.2 0.03
  • The model also includes age, sex, and percent body fat.

  • *

    * For M and AIR, the value at the 90th percentile is the value associated with the lower risk of developing diabetes, whereas for WBC, the value at the 10th percentile is associated with lower risk;

  • hazard rate for a subject at the percentile with higher risk is divided by the rate for a hypothetical subject at the percentile with the lower risk.

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  1. Diabetes vol. 51 no. 2 455-461