Zhu X, Cooper RS, Luke A, Chen G, Wu X, Kan D, Chakravarti A, Weder A: A genome-wide scan for obesity in African-Americans. Diabetes 51:541–544, 2002

The authors of the above-listed article would like to make the following corrections: In Table 2, the “P value” column heading should be changed to “LOD score.” In Table 3, markers “D3S2394” and “D3S2419” should appear as “D3S2398” and “D3S2418,” respectively.

Stitt A, Gardiner TA, Alderson NL, Canning P, Frizzell N, Duffy N, Boyle C, Januszewski AS, Chachich M, Baynes JW, Thorpe SR: The AGE inhibitor pyridoxamine inhibits development of retinopathy in experimental diabetes. Diabetes 51:2826–2832, 2002

Nathan L. Alderson’s name was incorrectly listed in the above article in the September issue of Diabetes. The correct author list is shown above.

Iglesias MA, Ye J-M, Frangioudakis G, Saha AK, Tomas E, Ruderman NB, Cooney GJ, Kraegen EW: AICAR administration causes an apparent enhancement of muscle and liver insulin action in insulin-resistant high-fat–fed rats. Diabetes 51:2886–2894, 2002

On page 2891 of the above-listed article, seven lines from the bottom of the first complete paragraph, reference citations 17 and 18 should be 29 and 30, respectively. In addition, due to duplicate citations in the reference list of refs. 2 (repeated as 29) and 11 (repeated as 19), all references subsequent to ref. 18 are mismatched in the text. Thus, the correct listing of refs. 19–50 is shown below.


Tan C, Tuch BE, Tu J, Brown SA: Role of NADH shuttles in glucose-induced insulin secretion from fetal β-cells. Diabetes 51:2989–2996, 2002

On page 2995, the words “and is restored to normal” were inadvertently omitted from the last sentence of the first complete paragraph. The correct sentence is shown below.

This is consistent with reports that mGPDH activity is decreased in islets of humans (18) and animals with type 2 diabetes (17,33) and is restored to normal when blood glucose is normalized (34).


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