Glucose-Stimulated Upregulation of GLUT2 Gene Is Mediated by Sterol Response Element–Binding Protein-1c in the Hepatocytes

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FIG. 4.
FIG. 4.

Effect of a GLUT2-SRE mutation on the glucose-stimulated GLUT2 promoter reporter activity. A: Effect of mutation in the putative SRE on glucose-mediated GLUT2 promoter activity. A pmGT2d-389 (wild-type) or pmGT2d-389m (mutant-type) luciferase reporter vector was transfected into mouse primary hepatocytes with the indicated amount of glucose. *P < 0.05 for the wild-type 0 vs. 25 mmol/l glucose–treated group; #P < 0.05 for the wild-type vs. mutant-type at 25 mmol/l glucose, using paired t test. B: Effect of SREBP-1c DN on the glucose-stimulated GLUT2 promoter activity. pmGT2d-1112 and SREBP-1c DN were transfected into primary hepatocytes for 16 h, and 25 mmol/l glucose was added to the culture media for 24 h. The luciferase activities were represented as fold changes compared with those of the control group. Values are the means ± SD of three independent experiments in triplicate. #P < 0.05 for the 25 mmol/l glucose vs. 25 mmol/l glucose plus SREBP-1c DN, using paired t test.

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