Fine-Mapping Gene-by-Diet Interactions on Chromosome 13 in a LG/J × SM/J Murine Model of Obesity


QTL replication and locus-by-diet interactions

Adiposity QTL Chromo-some Markers tested Replication probability Traits significantly affected by locus-by-diet interactions
Adip 1 1 D1Mit78 0.139 10-week AUC(f), 20-week AUC(m), mesenteric/total fat(m)
Adip 2 6 D6Mit14 0.726 Renal fat(m), mesenteric fat, inguinal fat(m), triglycerides(m), total fat(m), renal/body(m), inguinal/body(m), reproductive/total(m), inguinal/total(m), adiposity(m)
D6Mit58 0.023 Postweaning growth, adult growth(m)
Adip 3 7 D7Mit148 0.004 20-week AUC, adult growth, inguinal/body(m), mesenteric/body(m), adiposity(m)
D7Mit17 0.107 None
Adip 4 8 D8Mit56 0.613 Free fatty acids(f), spleen(f), mesenteric/total(m)
D8Mit324 0.761 None
Adip 5 9 D9Mit8 0.004 Renal fat, reproductive/body(m), reproductive/total(m)
D9Mit19 0.095 10-week basal glucose(f), insulin(f), liver(f)
Adip 6 12 D12Mit5 0.014 None
Adip 7 13 D13Mit1 0.156 Insulin(m), liver(m), 20-week basal glucose(m), reproductive fat(m), total fat(m), reproductive/body(m)
D13Mit115 0.027 Insulin, kidney, reproductive fat, inguinal fat(f), total fat, heart(f), liver(f), triglycerides(m), insulin(m), reproductive/body, inguinal/body, reproductive/total(m), reproductive/total(f), adiposity
Adip 8 18 D18Mit51 0.027 Free fatty acids(m)
D18Mit209 0.027 None
  • Adiposity QTLs are taken from Cheverud et al. (22). Chromosomal location and markers chosen to test for replication and interactions are indicated. All QTLs with the exception of Adip1 and Adip4 replicated for at least one of the associated markers tested. All loci replicated in the sample were fed a low-fat diet with the exception of Adip7, which only replicated in female animals fed a high-fat diet. Traits that are significantly affected by diet-by-genotype interactions for each locus are shown in the right-hand column. Sex-specific effects are indicated by (f) for female-specific effects or (m) for male-specific effects.

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