Selective T-Type Calcium Channel Blockade Alleviates Hyperalgesia in ob/ob Mice

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FIG. 8.
FIG. 8.

Lack of effect of ECN on sensorimotor tests in ob/ob and wild-type mice. Panels show histograms of average time in seconds in different sensorimotor tests such as inclined plane (A), platform (B), and ledge (C) for wild-type (open bars) and ob/ob mice (filled bars). Baseline measurements were taken 2 days before (B), immediately before (0 min), and 90–120 min after ECN injection (25 mg/kg i.p.). Vertical bars indicate SE of multiple determinations. We used two-way ANOVA followed by pairwise comparison to analyze results, finding that ECN had no significant effect on either test, because P > 0.05 in comparisons of time points within each animal group (n = 5 mice in each group). WT, wild type.

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