Increased CYP2J3 Expression Reduces Insulin Resistance in Fructose-Treated Rats and db/db Mice

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FIG. 3.
FIG. 3.

Effects of CYP2J3 gene delivery on CYP2J3 protein expression, urinary 14,15-DHET levels, and glucose tolerance in db/db mice. A: Levels of CYP2J3 protein were increased in the aorta (A), heart (H), liver (L), and kidney (K) in diabetic db/db mice 2 weeks after injection with CYP2J3+ compared with levels observed after injection with the empty pcDNA vector. B: Urinary 14,15-DHET levels were increased in C57BL/6 and db/db mice injected with CYP2J3+ compared with those injected with the empty pcDNA vector. *P < 0.05 versus control and pcDNA-treated mice of corresponding genotype; n = 8 per group. Blood glucose (C) and plasma insulin (D) levels before and up to 120 min after a single glucose challenge were elevated in db/db mice and decreased by injection with CYP2J3+. No such reduction was observed in db/db mice injected with empty vector (pcDNA). *P < 0.05 versus C57BL/6; #P < 0.05 versus db/db + pcDNA; n = 8 per group.

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