Combined Analyses of 20 Common Obesity Susceptibility Variants

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FIG. 1.
FIG. 1.

Individual associations of BMI/obesity SNPs in the population-based Inter99 cohort comprising 2,831 normal weight, 2,543 overweight, and 1,136 obese individuals.

Odds ratio (dots) and 95% CI (lines) for the 20 validated BMI/obesity SNPs individually, where overweight and obesity individuals were tested against normal weight individuals, respectively, in the population-based Inter99 cohort. General linear models assuming an additive genetic model and adjusting for sex and age were used. Black dots and lines indicate statistically significant associations, whereas gray indicates nonsignificant. The risk-alleles were defined as the allele convincingly increasing the odds for overweight and/or obesity. For the 17 first SNPs, the defined risk-allele was in accordance with previous studies (413), whereas for the last three SNPs (MAF rs1424233, PTER rs10508503, PRL rs4712625) it was the opposite than in a previous study (13).

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