Combined Analyses of 20 Common Obesity Susceptibility Variants

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FIG. 3.
FIG. 3.

ROC curves of validated BMI/obesity variants, nongenetic factors, and the combination in discrimination between lean and obese individuals. ROC curves for the discrimination between normal weight and obese individuals in the population-based Inter99 cohort. The gray shadowed area represents ROC curves obtained through bootstrap cross-validation (1,000). The mean of the bootstrapped ROC curves is represented by a solid line, whereas the dotted line is the apparent (or optimal) ROC curve estimated from the original data. In order to be included in the analysis all variants should be successfully genotyped and information regarding all nongenetic factors should be available, leaving 2,406 in the analyses of SNPs alone, 3,278 with nongenetic factors, and 1,968 with all SNPs and nongenetic factors.

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