Comment on: Matsushita et al. (2010) The Association of Hemoglobin A1c With Incident Heart Failure Among People Without Diabetes: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study. Diabetes;59:2020–2026

  1. Eiji Oda
  1. From the Medical Check-up Center, Tachikawa Medical Center, Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan.
  1. Corresponding author: Eiji Oda, ijie{at}

Matsushita et al. (1) studied associations between heart failure and prediabetic glycemia by categories of A1C and fasting plasma glucose (FPG) using Cox proportional hazards models from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study and reported that, after the adjustment for covariates including FPG, the hazard ratio of incident heart failure was higher in individuals with A1C 6.0–6.4% and 5.5–6.0% than in the reference group (A1C 5.0–5.4%), but that elevated FPG was not associated with heart failure after adjustment for covariates and A1C. They suggested …

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