Fatty Acids, Obesity, and Insulin Resistance: Time for a Reevaluation

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FIG. 2.
FIG. 2.

Relationships between plasma NEFA concentrations and BMI in two cohorts. Black bars, plasma NEFA concentrations; gray bars, fat mass. A: Data from the Paris Prospective Study (46), courtesy of Beverley Balkau, in 5,790 individuals. Fat mass has been estimated from BMI (61). B: Data from OBB for 1,591 individuals. In each case, the mean ± SE plasma NEFA concentration is shown for quintiles of BMI. The BMI quintiles were as follows: I: <22.5 kg/m2; II: 22.5–24.4 kg/m2; III: 24.4–26.4 kg/m2; IV: 26.4–29.2 kg/m2; V: >29.2 kg/m2.

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