Insulin Resistance Impairs Circulating Angiogenic Progenitor Cell Function and Delays Endothelial Regeneration

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FIG. 6.
FIG. 6.

Effects of cell transfusion on endothelial regeneration. A: En face microscopy demonstrates the presence of DiI-labeled MNCs at the injury site 5 days after wire injury with no detectable cells in the uninjured vessel (magnification ×100). B: Corresponding nuclear staining of the endothelium with DAPI revealing native endothelial cells and DiI-labeled transfused MNCs (magnification ×400). C: Effects of transfusion of spleen-derived MNCs or BM-derived c-kit(CD117)+ cells from WT or IRKO mice are shown on endothelial regeneration 5 days after wire injury (n = 4 mice per group). Data are presented as mean and SEM. (A high-quality digital representation of this figure is available in the online issue.)

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