Comment on: Kumar et al. Fat Cell–Specific Ablation of Rictor in Mice Impairs Insulin-Regulated Fat Cell and Whole-Body Glucose and Lipid Metabolism. Diabetes 2010;59:1397–1406

  1. Adnan Erol
  1. From the Erol Project Development House for the Disorders of Energy Metabolism, Silivri-Istanbul, Turkey
  1. Corresponding author: Adnan Erol, eroladnan{at}

In their article, Kumar et al. (1) demonstrated the importance of mTORC2 for the insulin-induced glucose transport and lipolysis in adipocytes. They also discussed the mechanisms of the fat-cell–specific deletion of rictor and alterations in the insulin signaling pathway, leading to systemic insulin resistance. They suggested that the increased serum nonesterified fatty acid levels in FRic−/− mice are the mediators for the impairment of the whole-body insulin sensitivity (1). Previously, Cybulski et …

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