Partial Reversibility of Hypothalamic Dysfunction and Changes in Brain Activity After Body Mass Reduction in Obese Subjects

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FIG. 1.
FIG. 1.

Inflammatory markers in the CSF. Levels of IL-6 (A) and IL-10 (B) were determined in the CSF of obese patients before and after bariatric surgery. Correlation between IL-6 (C) and IL-10 (D) concentrations in the CSF and BMI, and correlation between IL-6 concentrations in the CSF and blood (E) were obtained. The mean (±SD) levels of IL-10 in the blood and CSF were obtained for lean and obese subjects before and after surgery (F). N = 8 for lean subjects; N = 13 for obese subjects. F: *P < 0.05 vs. blood/after surgery. AS, after surgery; BL, blood; BS, before surgery; CS, cerebrospinal fluid.

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