Monounsaturated Fatty Acids Prevent the Aversive Effects of Obesity on Locomotion, Brain Activity, and Sleep Behavior

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FIG. 8.
FIG. 8.

Response of the human brain to MUFA- and SFA-enriched diet. A: Color-coded T-value map represents significant (P < 0.05 uncorrected, for display) voxels of decreased intrinsic brain activity 3 months after SFA-enriched yogurt consumption compared with the control group. P < 0.001, whole brain. Plots show change of intrinsic activity in the hippocampus (B) and inferior parietal cortex (C) 3 months after SFA-enriched, MUFA-enriched, and control diet. Only SFA-enriched diet revealed a significant decrease in hippocampal and cortical activity (**P < 0.005 and *P < 0.05). Data are mean ± SEM; n = 8 for each group. (A high-quality color representation of this figure is available in the online issue.)

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