Response to Comment on: Marquez et al. Low-Frequency Variants in HMGA1 Are Not Associated With Type 2 Diabetes Risk. Diabetes 2012;61:524–530

  1. Stéphane Cauchi1
  1. 1CNRS UMR 8199, University of Lille 2, Pasteur Institute of Lille, Lille, France; and
  2. 2Genomics of Common Disease, School of Public Health, Imperial College London, London, U.K.
  1. Corresponding author: Philippe Froguel, p.froguel{at}

We read with surprise and disappointment the comment in Diabetes by Brunetti et al. (1) who made unfair comments about our negative study published in the same journal (2). Therefore, we felt the necessity to provide a point-by-point response to all raised issues.

  1. In contrast to the claims by Brunetti et al. (1), we have never reported in meeting abstracts any consistent associations between HMGA1 variants and type 2 diabetes (T2D) risk when all French samples were analyzed together. Trends observed in obese subjects were not confirmed in a larger number of individuals and BMI was finally found not to …

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