Treatment of Diabetes and Long-Term Survival After Insulin and Glucokinase Gene Therapy

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  • Supplementary Figures and Tables
  • Supplementary Video 1 - Dog exercise test. Fasted dogs (24 h) were subjected to 37- minute exercise under increasing speed and slope in a variable speed belt treadmill.
  • Supplementary Video 2 - Dog2 before and after combined AAV1-Ins and AAV1-Gck treatment. One month after development of hyperglycemia and without exogenous insulin treatment, Dog2 showed apathetic behavior and significant cachexia. Seven months after treatment with AAV1-Ins and AAV1-Gck, Dog2 restored normoglycemia and recovered weight. Accordingly, the dog behaved more actively, like healthy control dogs.

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  1. Diabetes May 2013 vol. 62 no. 5 1718-1729