Adipose Tissue Macrophages Function As Antigen-Presenting Cells and Regulate Adipose Tissue CD4+ T Cells in Mice

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FIG. 7.
FIG. 7.

MHC II neutralization reduces CD4+ ATTs in obese mice but does not impact inflammation or glucose homeostasis. Mice were fed HFD for 14 weeks to induce obesity. Purified MHC I-A/I-E (αMHC II) or control (IgG; rat IgG2b) monoclonal antibodies were injected intraperitoneally every 48 h for 18 consecutive days. Quantification of total CD3+ ATTs (A) and total CD4+ and CD8+ ATTs (B) in eWAT of HFD mice after treatment. C: Treg content in eWAT from treated mice. D: Relative frequency of CD4+ T cells (as % total CD3+ T lymphocytes) in eWAT, spleen, and lymph nodes (LN). E: Tnfa, Il6, Il10, and Ifng expression in total eWAT from HFD mice after treatment. F: Fasting blood glucose levels (day 15) and random-fed plasma insulin levels (day 17) in HFD mice. G: Glucose tolerance test (GTT) performed in HFD mice 11 days after treatment. Data are means ± SEM (n = 3 mice per group). *P < 0.05 vs. control (IgG).

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