PKCδ Impaired Vessel Formation and Angiogenic Factor Expression in Diabetic Ischemic Limbs

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FIG. 2.
FIG. 2.

Vascular cell apoptosis analysis in ischemic muscles. Immunofluorescence of apoptotic-positive cells (red) and CD31 (blue) (top panels) and percentage of apoptotic cells (bottom panel) in the ischemic adductor muscles of nondiabetic (NDM, □) and diabetic (DM, ■) Prkcd+/+ and Prkcd−/− mice. Results are shown as mean ± SD of three sections of six to seven mice per group. White arrows represent colocalization of CD31 and the apoptotic-positive marker. *P = 0.05 vs. NDM Prkcd+/+, †P < 0.05 vs. DM Prkcd+/+.

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