PKCδ Impaired Vessel Formation and Angiogenic Factor Expression in Diabetic Ischemic Limbs

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FIG. 7.
FIG. 7.

Increased expression and activity of the VEGF and PDGF signaling pathway in diabetic (DM) and nondiabetic (NDM) Prkcd−/− mice. Expression of eNOS, PLCγ1, p-PLCγ1, VEGF-A, p-VEGFR2, VEGFR2, ERK1/2, p-ERK1/2 (A), and PDGF-B, p-PDGFR-β, PDGFR-β, Src, p-Src, Akt, p-Akt, and actin (B) in ischemic adductor muscles of Prkcd+/+ and Prkcd−/− mice. Protein expression was detected by Western blot, and densitometric quantitation was measured. Results are shown as mean ± SD of four to six independent experiments. *P = 0.05 vs. NDM Prkcd+/+, †P < 0.05 vs. DM Prkcd+/+.

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