Somatostatin Receptor Type 2 Antagonism Improves Glucagon Counterregulation in Biobreeding Diabetic Rats

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FIG. 5.
FIG. 5.

Effects of SSTR2a on glucagon and insulin secretion from normal human pancreatic slices and isolated islets. A: Immunohistochemistry (brown, SSTR2 labeling [i]) and immunofluorescence (red, SSTR2; green, glucagon [ii] or insulin [iii]; merged images) of the localization of SSTR2 to islet α-cells (ii) and β-cells (iii) in normal human pancreas slices. Inset in ii is an enlarged view showing SSTR2 and glucagon colocalization. Scale bar, 100 μm. B: Relative glucagon (top) and insulin (bottom) secretion from pancreatic slices. The filled circles and empty circles represent two sets of perifusion. C: Relative glucagon secretion from isolated pancreatic islets (n = 4). Relative glucagon or insulin secretion was calculated as the glucagon/insulin secretion from the slices/islets normalized to the total glucagon/insulin content of the slices/islets. AUCs were calculated using Prism software (GraphPad Software, San Diego, CA). Data are presented as means ± SEM. **P < 0.01. A, arginine; G, glucose.

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