Response to Comment on: Korpos et al. The Peri-islet Basement Membrane, a Barrier to Infiltrating Leukocytes in Type 1 Diabetes in Mouse and Human. Diabetes 2013;62:531–542

  1. Lydia Sorokin
  1. Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, University of Müenster, Müenster, Germany
  1. Corresponding author: Éva Korpos, korpos{at}

We are responding to the letter by Simeonovic and Parish (1). All previous studies on the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the pancreatic islet were acknowledged (2). The claim that “limited information exists on the nature of the ECM of the pancreas and, in particular, on the composition of peri-islet capsule” is based on the fact that the entire ECM of the peri-islet capsule was studied, which includes not only the peri-islet basement membrane (BM), but also the subjacent interstitial matrix. Twenty-two ECM molecules (and five ECM receptors) were investigated. Although some of these ECM molecules had been studied previously, none had been studied in relation to each other both in healthy and diabetic pancreata—this is our interpretation of a comprehensive study. Further, as taken from the review of our …

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