Age- and sex-adjusted or multivariate-adjusted ORs and 95% CIs for the progression to diabetes from NGT by the Kir6.2 E23K genotype and allele in the follow-up study, 1988–2002

E23K genotype
E23K allele
E/EE/KK/KP value for trendEKP
Subjects at risk (n)27830377859457
Cases of diabetes (n)1943118165
Age- and sex-adjusted OR (95% CI)1 (referent)2.25 (1.28–3.97)2.27 (1.03–5.02)0.0081 (referent)1.59 (1.12–2.26)0.009
Multivariate-adjusted OR (95% CI)1 (referent)2.10 (1.16–3.83)2.40 (1.01–5.70)0.011 (referent)1.58 (1.09–2.30)0.01
  • Multivariate adjustment was made for age, sex, fasting plasma glucose, family history of diabetes, BMI, physical activity, current drinking, and current smoking.