Diabetes Symposium Cover
Diabetes Symposium, July 2014

The July issue features four articles from the inaugural Diabetes Symposium, held in conjunction with the American Diabetes Association's 74th Scientific Sessions in San Francisco (13-17 June 2014). The topic of this year's sympsoium, as selected by Editor K. Sreekumaran Nair, MD, PhD, and the Diabetes editorial team, is "Dementia and Diabetes." Dr. Nair and the Diabetes editorial team acknowledge the support of the American Diabetes Association for its help with coordinating the symposium, as well as this year's esteemed presenters for their impressive contributions. A list of their presentations and articles appear below.

Insulin Action in Brain Regulates Systemic Metabolism and Brain Function
A. Kleinridders, H.A. Ferris, W. Cai, and C.R. Kahn

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Brain Changes Underlying Cognitive Dysfunction in Diabetes: What Can We Learn From MRI?
G.J. Biessels and Y.D. Reijmer

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Repurposing Diabetes Drugs for Brain Insulin Resistance in Alzheimer Disease
M. Yarchoan and S.E. Arnold

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Inflammation, Defective Insulin Signaling, and Mitochondrial Dysfunction as Common Molecular Denominators Connecting Type 2 Diabetes to Alzheimer Disease
F.G. De Felice and S.T. Ferreira

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