Table 1

Characteristics of the patients at diagnosis

CharacteristicControl (n = 9)MSC treated (n = 9)
Sex (male/female)5/48/1
Age (years)27 ± 224 ± 2
Body weight (kg)68 ± 478 ± 3
BMI (kg/m2)22.5 ± 0.923.3 ± 1.1
GAD65 antibodies (no. of all)8/96/9
IA2 antibodies (no. of all)4/96/9
Both GAD65 and IA2 antibodies (no. of all)4/93/9
Diabetes-associated HLA alleles
 DR4 (no. of all)8/97/9
 DR3 (no. of all)0/90/9
 Neither DR3 nor DR4 (no. of all)1/92/9
 DQ8 (no. of all)9/97/9
 DQ2 (no. of all)4/94/9
 DQ2/8 (no. of all)3/92/9
 Neither DQ2 nor DQ8 (no. of all)0/90/9
 DR4-DQ8 (no. of all)8/97/9
Diabetic ketoacidosis (no. of all)1/91/9
Polyuria and weight loss (no. of all)8/99/9
  • Plus-minus values are means ± SEM. There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups. Concentrations of GAD65 and IA2 antibodies were determined by ELISA technique, where values of GAD IgG ≥5 units/mL and IA2 IgG ≥8 kU/L indicated their presence. HLA class II alleles were measured with PCR amplification and sequence-specific hybridization.