Table 5

Replication of T2D association enrichment signal in antidiabetes drug target set in an independent T2D meta-analysis (Metabochip)

Genes mapped to established and high-confidence set of T2D SNPs*Number of Metabochip replication SNPs (null set) near one or more drug target genesNumber of top-ranked T2D SNPs near one or more drug target genesGene set enrichment P valueGenes near established or high-confidence T2D SNPs
Nearest gene4850.003PPARG1, KCNJ111, IRS11, GIPR2, ACSL13
Genes in LD8370.04PPARG1, KCNJ111, ABCC81, IDE1 IRS1 GIPR2, NFKB13, ACSL13
  • *T2D SNP set tested includes 137 loci: 59 established or highly probable SNPs and 78 high-confidence T2D SNPs based on Metabochip analysis (described in research design and methods).

  • †This set includes a null set of 16,408 LD-pruned Metabochip replication SNPs that does not contain SNPs in LD to previously established T2D SNPs, ∼5,000 T2D replication SNPs, monogenic diabetes genes, or QT-interval replication SNPs (see research design and methods ).

  • ‡LD boundaries are defined in research design and methods.

  • 1Genes near previously established T2D SNPs.

  • 2Gene near T2D SNP found in the joint T2D meta-analysis of DIAGRAMv3 and Metabochip, which did not reach genome-wide significance in DIAGRAMv3 alone.

  • 3Genes near T2D SNPs that have not yet reached genome-wide significance but have a high posterior probability of being associated with T2D based on Metabochip analysis (3).