Table 1

Clinical data of patient cases with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes

CaseAge (years)SexBMI (kg/m2)Diagnosis to biopsy (weeks)HbA1c at biopsy [% (mmol/ mol)]Insulin (units/kg/day)Anti-GAD (<0.08 ai)Anti-insulin (<0.08 ai)Anti-ZnT8 (<0.12 ai)Anti-IA2 (<0.10 ai*)HLA risk allelesTime to snap freezing of pancreatic tissue (s)
125F21.046.7 (50)0.51.760.70.280.16Yes110
224M20.9310.3 (89)0.350.79<0.010.44>3Yes150
334F23.797.1 (54)0.171.77<0.051.45>3Yes150
431M25.657.4 (57)0.40.770.1<0.012.54Yes160
524F28.657.4 (57)0.360.460.10.06>3Yes240
635M26.757.1 (54)0.521.85<0.05<0.01<0.04Yes190
  • ai, antibody index.

  • *Arbitrary units according to Diabetes Antibody Standardization Program (24).

  • †Presence of HLA DR3-DQ2, HLA DR4-DQ8, or both.