Table 1

Low-dose IL-2 broadly regulates gene expression in CD4+ Treg cells

Maximum fold increase
IL-2 (≥50% max) (units/mL)
Average ΔCT media
  • CD4+ T cells from the PBMCs of normal subjects (n = 10) were cultured in the absence or presence of IL-2 (1, 10, or 100 units/mL) for 24 h. CD4+ Treg and TM cells were purified by FACS (Supplementary Fig. 2). Total RNA was isolated, and real-time qPCR was performed for each gene as shown. The ΔCT was determined for each condition (media vs. IL-2), and the maximum average fold difference (geometric mean) was determined as indicated. The data for each determination are shown in Fig. 6B. The overall lowest concentration of IL-2 that supported at least 50% of maximal mRNA expression, which was almost always associated with Tregs, was determined. The ΔCT for the media cultures are shown as a reference for the relative levels of expression of each mRNA in Treg and TM cells, where a lower ΔCT represents higher mRNA levels. NI (not induced) refers to mRNAs that were detected but did not vary significantly (<1.5-fold) from each other after culture in media and IL-2.