Table 1

Fetal and adult donor demographic information, β-cell/α-cell ratio, and RNA integrity

Sample IDAgeSexBMIβ-Cell/α-cell ratioRIN Heat map ID no.
 SE 454618.3 weeksUnkNA8.11
 SE 457418 weeksUnkNA1.447.92
 SE 302919 weeksUnkNA7.73
 SE 3646, 481013, 13.3 weeksUnkNA2.948.14
 SE 3650, 3648, 364713, 14, 14 weeksUnkNA6.95
 SE 453918 weeksUnkNA8.01
 SE 457418 weeksUnkNA7.42
 SE 300418 weeksUnkNA7.13
 SE 3054, 3634, 363512, 13.4, 14 weeksUnkNA6.44
 SE 3637, 363812, 14 weeksUnkNA6.05
 SE 3646, 481013, 13.3 weeksUnkNA6.26
 ZEP05560 yearsF26.
 ZEQ02419 yearsM21.51.9NA3.62
 ZA235724 yearsM29.214.14.93
 #44 yearsUnkUnk1.815.86.34
 AAI130353 yearsM27.
 AAIB402A30 yearsM371.355.65.26
 AAHL16418 yearsM311.77.37.17
  • The age, sex, and BMI information for the adult donors and information on fetal donors from which α- and β-cells were purified is shown. The measured β-cell/α-cell ratios and the RIN values for the purified α- and β-cells are shown. The heat map identification number corresponds to the data in Supplementary Table 1. F, female; M, male; NA, not applicable; Unk, unknown.