Table 2

Results from Wilcoxon rank-based tests after adjustment for covariates indicating the pairwise comparisons for the genera with a statistically significant difference across the groups

TaxaOverall P valueComparisonF valueP valueaFDR P value
Bacteroidetes otherb0.006NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−2.420.0940.154
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. Co4.820.0100.029
Ab+ vs. Co9.480.0030.019
Ab− vs. Co1.690.1970.276
NO vs. Ab−2.860.0940.154
NO vs. Ab+0.260.6140.682
Ab+ vs. Ab−4.130.0450.090
Co vs. NO8.650.0040.019
Alistipes0.013NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−4.520.0130.034
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. Co1.100.3380.422
Ab+ vs. Co1.300.2560.336
Ab− vs. Co0.040.8480.893
NO vs. Ab−9.040.0030.019
NO vs. Ab+1.730.1910.273
Ab+ vs. Ab−2.010.1590.231
Co vs. NO7.020.0090.028
RC9 gut group0.024NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−3.930.0230.053
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. Co4.910.0090.028
Ab+ vs. Co7.520.0070.025
Ab− vs. Co0.030.8640.893
NO vs. Ab−0.890.3480.422
NO vs. Ab+3.770.0550.107
Ab+ vs. Ab−7.720.0060.024
Co vs. NO1.150.2870.369
Prevotellaceae0.006NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−5.060.0080.026
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. Co5.530.0050.022
Ab+ vs. Co7.590.0070.025
Ab− vs. Co0.010.9120.912
NO vs. Ab−4.610.0340.070
NO vs. Ab+1.300.2570.336
Ab+ vs. Ab9.440.0030.019
Co vs. NO3.690.0580.108
Catenibacterium0.015NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−5.370.0060.024
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. Co5.130.0070.025
Ab+ vs. Co2.590.1110.172
Ab− vs. Co2.220.1390.209
NO vs. Ab−0.710.4020.469
NO vs. Ab+6.030.0160.039
Ab+ vs. Ab−10.230.0020.017
Co vs. NO0.550.4620.533
Lactobacillus<0.001NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−2.320.1040.164
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. CO8.82<0.0010.008
Ab+ vs. Co8.420.0050.020
Ab− vs. Co16.94<0.0010.004
NO vs. Ab−4.630.0340.070
NO vs. Ab+1.040.3100.393
Ab+ vs. Ab−0.870.3520.422
Co vs. NO4.870.0300.066
Staphylococcus0.001NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−1.880.1580.231
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. Co8.52<0.0010.008
Ab+ vs. Co6.790.0110.029
Ab− vs. Co16.79<0.0010.004
NO vs. Ab−3.590.0610.109
NO vs. Ab+0.230.6300.691
Ab+ vs. Ab−1.530.2190.294
Co vs. NO5.910.0170.041
Succiniclasticum0.001NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−6.580.0020.017
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. Co0.200.8180.877
Ab+ vs. Co0.350.5560.634
Ab− vs. Co0.010.9070.912
NO vs. Ab−11.73<0.0010.011
NO vs. Ab+6.770.0110.029
Ab+ vs. Ab−0.270.6050.681
Co vs. NO11.330.0010.012
Thalassospira0.008NO vs. Ab+ vs. Ab−1.610.2040.283
Ab+ vs. Ab− vs. Co4.730.0110.029
Ab+ vs. Co1.540.2170.294
Ab− vs. Co9.260.0030.019
NO vs. Ab−0.030.8730.893
NO vs. Ab+2.340.1290.197
Ab+ vs. Ab−2.760.1000.160
Co vs. NO8.920.0040.019
  • Ab−, seronegative; Ab+, seropositive; CO, unrelated control; FDR, false discovery rate; NO, new onset.

  • aSignificant differences are in bold font.

  • bA group of bacteria that belong to the Bacteroidetes phylum and could not be classified to lower taxa levels.