Table 4

Correlation of change in brain volume, SA, and CT with difference in instantaneous blood glucose level

RegionP valueRegression coefficient*
Total gray matter<0.001−93 (18)
Cortical gray matter<0.001−76 (16)
Basal ganglia0.001−3.1 (0.90)
Left hippocampus0.04−0.24 (0.12)
Right hippocampus0.006−0.33 (0.12)
Left cerebellar gray<0.001−6.7 (1.4)
Right cerebellar gray<0.001−6.9 (1.2)
Total white matter0.06−13 (7.0)
Left cerebral white matter<0.02−6.9 (2.7)
Corpus callosum0.006−0.18 (0.06)
Brain stem0.001−1.2 (0.34)
Total SA0.003−6.1 (1.7) mm2/(mg/dL)
Mean CT<0.001−0.00021 (0.00006) mm/(mg/dL)
Ventricular volume<0.0016.1 (1.3)
  • *Data are reported as the mean (SE). All units are mm3/(mg/dL), unless otherwise noted.