Table 2

Fifty-seven candidate type 1 diabetes risk genes predicted by miRWalk as putative targets of the 33 CVB5-responsive miRNAs

Risk genesUpregulatedDownregulatedn
BACH210b-3p, 34a-5p, 663b, 129029a-3p, 149-5p, 182-5p, 183-3p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 216b-5p, 217, 339-3p, 345-5p, 376c-3p, 425-3p, 432-5p, 493-3p, 625-5p, 629-3p, 885-5p21
SH2B310b-3p, 34a-5p, 663b, 129030a-3p, 30e-3p, 93-3p, 149-5p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 216b-5p, 217, 345-5p, 411-5p, 432-5p, 629-3p16
CLEC16A663b149-5p, 182-5p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 339-3p, 345-5p, 365b-3p, 376c-3p, 411-5p, 432-5p, 493-3p, 625-5p, 629-3p14
GLIS3663b, 129029a-3p, 93-3p, 149-5p, 155-5p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 216b-5p, 217, 376c-3p, 425-3p, 432-5p13
IKZF134a-5p, 1290149-5p, 182-5p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 216b-5p, 217, 345-5p, 432-5p, 493-3p, 625-5p, 629-3p13
ZMIZ110b-3p, 34a-5p, 663b29a-3p, 149-5p, 186-5p, 217, 345-5p, 432-5p, 493-3p, 625-5p, 885-5p12
TNFAIP334a-5p29a-3p, 149-5p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 345-5p, 376c-3p, 432-5p, 425-3p, 625-5p, 72011
CUX234a-5p, 663b, 129029a-3p, 149-5p, 182-5p, 216b-5p, 217, 432-5p, 493-3p10
AFF334a-5p30a-3p, 30e-3p, 186-5p, 216b-5p, 217, 376c-3p, 432-5p, 625-5p, 629-3p10
C1QTNF610b-3p, 663b29a-3p, 191-5p, 193b-3p, 217, 365b-3p, 376c-3p, 625-5p, 629-3p10
SKAP21290149-5p, 182-5p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 217, 411-5p, 432-5p, 625-5p9
ZFP36L110b-3p, 129029a-3p, 182-5p, 186-5p, 493-3p, 625-5p, 629-3p, 885-5p9
GAB393-3p, 149-5p, 155-5p, 182-5p, 186-5p, 365b-3p, 376c-3p, 629-3p8
PDE4A10b-3p, 34a-5p149-5p, 186-5p, 425-3p, 432-5p, 625-5p7
IL17D663b29a-3p, 182-5p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 432-5p, 625-5p7
LMO730a-3p, 30e-3p, 182-5p, 186-5p, 216b-5p, 217, 493-3p7
TLR7182-5p, 186-5p, 345-5p, 425-3p, 432-5p, 493-3p, 629-3p7
SLC11A110b-3p93-3p, 182-5p, 339-3p, 365b-3p, 625-5p, 7207
CCR521-3p29a-3p, 149-5p, 345-5p, 432-5p, 629-3p6
ERBB334a-5p, 1290149-5p, 182-5p, 217, 345-5p6
PTPN210b-3p155-5p, 186-5p, 217, 345-5p, 411-5p6
IL2RB34a-5p149-5p, 345-5p, 625-5p, 629-3p5
GCA183-3p, 186-5p, 376c-3p, 425-3p, 629-3p5
IL2RA29a-3p, 186-5p, 191-5p, 345-5p, 629-3p5
PRKCQ34a-5p, 1290186-5p, 193b-3p, 411-5p5
PTPN2234a-5p155-5p, 186-5p, 193b-3p, 629-3p5
CD226155-5p, 182-5p, 216b-5p, 217, 411-5p5
FUT2186-5p, 191-5p, 411-5p, 625-5p4
CD55182-5p, 186-5p, 216b-5p, 629-3p4
RASGRP110b-3p182-5p, 186-5p, 885-5p4
RGS129a-3p, 193b-3p, 345-5p, 425-3p4
CTLA4155-5p, 376c-3p, 432-5p, 493-3p4
PGM134a-5p182-5p, 432-5p, 625-5p4
COBL182-5p, 625-5p, 629-3p, 885-5p4
ORMDL334a-5p, 663b93-3p, 625-5p4
DEXI149-5p, 216b-5p, 625-5p3
HLA-DQB1186-5p, 411-5p, 625-5p3
C19orf1030a-3p, 30e-3p, 376c-3p3
TAGAP21-3p155-5p, 365b-3p3
SIRPG149-5p, 182-5p2
IL2186-5p, 376c-3p2
IL21186-5p, 376c-3p2
IL10186-5p, 411-5p2
CYP27B1186-5p, 625-5p2
SUMO4186-5p, 625-5p2
CD69182-5p, 186-5p2
HORMAD2155-5p, 216b-5p2
FAP345-5p, 629-3p2
  • Genes are listed in the order of highest to lowest number of miRNAs predicted to target their 3′UTR (n). The associated miRNAs are shown for each gene, categorized separately into those that were upregulated and downregulated.