Distribution of the retinal and renal outcomes and results of the likelihood ratio test (LRT) based on multivariate Cox proportional hazards global test, including all 16 VEGFA SNPs

Number of events (%)Sample sizeLRT (16 d.f.)P
Retinal outcomes*
    Progression to three or more steps724 (61)1,18112.430.71
    Severe retinopathy220 (19)1,18046.986.8 × 10−5
    Clinical significant macular edema226 (19)1,18123.340.105
Renal outcomes
    Persistent microalbuminuria219 (20)1,12314.760.54
    Severe nephropathy98 (8)1,18118.210.31
  • * Retinal outcomes are from data up to EDIC year 10.

  • Renal outcomes include data up to EDIC year 8.