Effect of glucose on HSL activity in homogenates of INS-1 cells

Glucose (mmol/l)Time (h)
25103 ± 197 ± 3193 ± 12**286 ± 13**
  • Homogenates of INS-1 cells were assayed for diglyceride lipase activity. One unit of enzyme activity corresponds to 1 μmol of fatty acid released per minute at 37°C. Immunoinhibition was performed by preincubating triplicates of cell homogenates from each incubation with chicken anti–rat HSL antiserum (dilution 1:10) or with preimmune chicken serum (dilution 1:10) for 1 h at room temperature. The HSL activity is defined as the diglyceride lipase activity that was inhibited by neutralizing anti-HSL antibodies. The activity in cells cultured with 3.3 mmol/l glucose was set to 100%. The values in the table are means ± SE from one experiment with quadruplicates of each condition. The HSL activity was analyzed in triplicate.

  • **

    ** P < 0.01.