Baseline characteristics by alcohol consumption in 46,936 U.S. men: the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, 1986

Alcohol consumption (g/day)
Participants (n)10,77011,3396,8886,0226,2494,1841,440
Mean age (years)54.753.853.854.954.356.155.8
Mean BMI (kg/m2)25.625.525.425.325.325.425.7
Mean number of days/week alcohol was consumed0.
 Beer (g/day)
 Red wine (g/day)
 White wine (g/day)
 Liquor (g/day)
Current smoker (%)10.212.414.616.417.028.131.3
Past smoker (%)30.438.143.447.351.652.551.0
Physical activity (METs/week)17.819.521.722.022.820.318.9
Hypertension (%)21.419.620.919.821.925.928.8
Family history of diabetes (%)*13.614.214.112.412.311.411.8
Mean daily intakes
 Total energy (kcal/day)1,9261,9211,9551,9612,0742,1512,436
 Energy consumed as alcohol (kcal/day)0310172966113
 Glycemic load (units/day)13,59513,20412,61712,08111,54710,3539,246
Trans-fats (g/day)
 Polyunsaturated fats (g/day)13.413.313.413.313.312.310.8
 Dietary fiber (g/day)22.422.121.420.820.217.515.3
  • Data are n. Except for age, all variables are adjusted by direct standardization to the age distributions of the study population.

  • *

    * History of diabetes with onset at age ≥30 years in immediate family;

  • adjusted for total calories in diet. MET, metabolic equivalent.