Multipoint linkage of diabetes*

Imprinting model
Combined model
ChromosomeMap distance (cM)LODMOLODFALODIMPLODEQPDIFFFlanking markers (map positions)
5591.501.040.80.058D5S1470 (56.2 cM)-D5S426 (59.7 cM)
14901.601.10.90.058D14S617 (89.9 cM)-D14S744 (94.4 cM)
  • Multipoint linkage assessing identity by descent in sibling pairs of alleles derived either from the father (πFA) or the mother (πMO) against age- and sex-adjusted diabetes. Results are reported for 1) a combined model where IBD = πFA + πMO (LODEQ), and 2) an imprinting model allowing separate assessment of maternal (πMO) and paternal (πFA) effects, in this model, the LOD score for the whole model (LODIMP) and for contributions of πFA (LODFA) and πMO (LODMO) are reported as well as the statistical significance of the imprinting over the combined model (PDIFF). Results are reported for the combined model where either LODFA or LODMO is >1.44 (P < 0.005).

  • *

    * Diabetes is adjusted for age and sex by a cumulative incidence method.

  • Map positions are approximate locations for each region generated for this dataset, based on the nearby markers and available genetic maps.