Analysis of pairs of affected siblings

Map distance (cM)πMOπFALODMOLODFAPDIFFFlanking markers (map positions*)
Age of onset <25 years
 Chromosome 11920.3050.3410.72.60.25D1S1589 (181.4 cM)-D1S2127 (192.4 cM)
 Chromosome 6910.3740.1833.00<0.001D6S1056 (90.9 cM)-D6S1021 (97.7 cM)
 Chromosome 171390.2640.31901.60.097D17S784 (137.6 cM)-qter
Age of onset <45 years
 Chromosome 5180.2480.27801.70.021D5S2505 (16.7 cM)-D5S807 (23.3 cM)
  • *

    * Map positions are approximate locations for each region generated for this dataset, based on the nearby markers and available genetic maps. Analysis of pairs of siblings where both siblings were affected by diabetes (

  • under the age of 25 [n = 44] or

  • under the age of 45 [n = 409]). Estimates of mean identity by descent of alleles derived from mother (πMO) and father (πFA) are given along with tests of whether πMO or πFA is significantly greater than the mean value expected by chance: 0.25 (expressed as LODMO and LODFA, respectively). A value for the difference between πMO and πFA is also given (PDIFF). Results are reported where either LODFA or LODMO is >1.44 (P < 0.005).