NADH shuttle enzyme activities in fetal and adult rat islets

EnzymenFetal ratAdult ratP
mGPDH8–101.2 ± 0.39.3 ± 2.9<0.001
cGPDH3113 ± 3261 ± 10.29
mMDH3–4262 ± 65762 ± 590.002
cMDH4–71106 ± 1001472 ± 2000.07
  • Data are means ± SE. Enzyme activities were measured after allowing the islets to recover overnight from the isolation procedure. Units for mGPDH enzyme activity are nanomoles of substrate (2-p-iodo-3-nitro-5-phenyltetrazolium) reduced per minute per milligram protein; for cGPDH and cMDH nanomoles of NADH reduced per minute per milligram protein; and for mMDH nanomoles of NADH oxidized per minute per milligram protein. n, number of experiments/islet preparations. Duplicate samples were taken for each experiment/islet preparation.