Factor loadings for original variables with rotated factors in nondiabetic participants

InsulinemiaBody sizeBlood pressureLipidemia
Body weight0.250.930.110.10
Waist circumference0.230.930.090.09
HDL cholesterol−0.15−0.180.18−0.78
Systolic blood pressure0.060.060.860.00
Diastolic blood pressure0.050.100.850.04
Fasting insulin × glucose0.820.370.060.11
2-h Insulin × glucose0.890.080.090.13
Fasting insulin/glucose0.830.330.030.08
2-h Insulin/glucose0.920.050.020.09
Percentage of variance31.520.415.813.5
  • Factor loadings with an absolute value ≥0.4, which indicates that the variable can be considered a major constituent of the factor, are shown in bold. Each factor is named according to the variables which are its major constituents. The percentage of the variance represents the proportion of variance in the original 10 variables accounted for by each factor.