Proportion (95% CI) of incident patients with type 1 diabetes who are ICA512/IA-2A-positive by number of DQ2 and DQ8 haplotypes

Number of haplotypes
DQ20.65 (0.60–0.70)0.52 (0.47–0.58)0.24 (0.10–0.41)
DQ80.47 (0.40–0.54)0.62 (0.57–0.66)0.69 (0.56–0.80)
  • The purpose of the table is descriptive rather than inferential, and so no P values are reported. Statistical testing of hypotheses is deferred to the logistic regression analysis. Of the original 971 patients, 651 (67.0%) were analyzed for ICA512/IA-2A (see Table 4).