Genes between RIP60 and ABP1 on HSA7q36.1

LocationBest BLASTp hit to known protein
 LOC136359 (XM_059840)835–864Zinc finger protein 41 (XP_033888)
 LOC136361 (XM_072457)866–878No hits
 LOC136362 (XM_072461)874–876No hits
 LOC90512 (XM_032237)978–980ALS2CR2 (NP_061041)
 FLJ11110 (NM_018326)1033–1040Mouse Ian1 (no GenBank file); probable orthologue
 LOC136363 (XM_069849)1079–1080Rat transient receptor protein 6 (NP_446011)
 FLJ22690 (NM_024711)1091–1098Mouse Ian3 (no GenBank file) and Mouse Ian4 (AAK31138)
 LOC115261 (XM_032229)1151–1159Mouse Ian4 (AAK31138)
 LOC136364 (AL080068)1203–1205No open reading frame
 FLJ11296 (NM_018384)1026–1028Mouse Ian4 (AAK31138); probable orthologue
 LOC136365 (XM_069850)1213–1245Mouse Ian4 (AAK31138)
 LR8 (NM_014020)1257–1267
 LOC115262 (XM_004745)1267–1271HCA112 (NM_018487)
GenomeScan model
 Hs7_7861_26_7_2871–874Mouse zinc finger protein 29 (NP_033579)
 Hs7_7861_26_7_3894–944Mouse Ian1 (no GenBank file), Mouse Ian3 (no GenBank file) and Mouse Ian4 (AAK31138)
 Hs7_7861_26_9_1986–1004Mouse Ian1 (no GenBank file)
 Hs7_7861_27_13_11108–1187Mouse Ian4 (AAK31138)
 Hs7_7861_27_13_21200–1203No hits
 Hs7_7861_27_18_11280–1302No hits
  • *

    * GenBank sequences are given in parentheses;

  • location is the kilobase position in HSA7 contig NT_007704.