Effect of various inhibitors of GK on response in dissociated VMN neurons

GE neurons
GI neurons
ResponseNo responseResponseNo response
Alloxan48 (71)20 (29)34 (72)13 (28)
Mannoheptulose8 (73)3 (27)2 (100)0
Glucosamine7 (100)06 (86)1 (14)
NAG2 (29)5 (71)6 (100)0
  • Data are n (%) of the total neurons tested in a given category. GE neurons were defined as those in which [Ca2+]i oscillations increased when glucose was raised from 0.5 to 2.5 mmol/l glucose. GI neurons were those in which [Ca2+]i oscillations were inhibited under the same conditions. All inhibitors were added when cells defined as GE or GI were held at 2.5 mmol/l glucose. A response in GE neurons was defined as a reduction or abolition of [Ca2+]i oscillations in the presence of the inhibitor. A response in GI neurons was defined as an increase in [Ca2+]i oscillations in the presence of the inhibitor. Alloxan was added in concentrations of 0.1–10 mmol/l, mannoheptulose at 1–5 mmol/l, N-acetylglucosamine (NAG) at 1–4 mmol/l, and glucosamine at 5–10 mmol/l.