Average annual incidence rates of diabetes in tertiles of the troglitazone group defined by changes in SI or by changes in IVGTT insulin area between baseline and 3 months on trial

Tertile 1Tertile 2Tertile 3P
Change in SI
 Range−2.13 to 0.440.54 to 1.411.43 to 7.67
 Annual diabetes incidence9.8%1.1%*4.8%0.04
Change in IVGTT insulin area
 Range4,487 to −1,180−1,238 to −3,053−3,160 to −19,364
 Annual diabetes incidence7.2%7.8%0.9%0.05
  • Data are from 108 women randomized to troglitazone who had IVGTTs at baseline and 3 months on trial. P values among subgroups by log-rank test.

  • P < 0.05,

  • *

    * P < 0.01,

  • P < 0.001 vs. diabetes incidence in placebo group (log-rank test).