PKLR variants

NameVariantLocationdbSNP numberNucleotideFrequency (type 2 diabetes)Frequency (control)P
PKLR1C/TIntron 330207811,4490.3120.1970.008
PKLR2C/TIntron 520710536,0470.3290.1900.001
PKLR-TT repeatIntron 109,1820.3010.1940.005
PKLR3G/AExon 11 (Val506I1e)NR9,5750.01200.01350.688
PKLR-ATTATT repeatIntron 1110,3930.029
PKLR4C/AExon 12 (Arg569Arg)105217610,8290.3100.1940.0047
PKLR5C/TExon 12, untranslated105217710,8620.3020.2020.011
dbSNPC/GIntron 13020783204NDND
dbSNPC/GIntron 329902195,577NDND
dbSNPC/TIntron 330207845,578NDND
dbSNPC/TExon 12, untranslated93297211,889NDND
  • Variants labeled PKLR were detected in this study. Variants labeled dbSNP are reported in the dbSNP database but not found in this study. Numbers provided for dbSNP are the rs numbers. ND, not detected; NR, not reported.