Absolute and relative concentrations of glibenclamide and its two hydroxylated metabolites in livers of Hnf-1α+/+ and Hnf-1α−/− mice 3 h after intravenous injection of [3H]glibenclamide

Liver concentration (pmol/mg protein)Hnf-1α+/+ Glibenclamide concentration
Hnf-1α−/− Glibenclamide concentration
pmol/mg% total cpmpmol/mg% total cpm
Glibenclamide158.6 ± 6.984.08.3 ± 0.772.9
4-trans-hydroxyglibenclamide16.4 ± ± 0.314.1
3-cis-hydroxyglibenclamide13.8 ± ± 0.313.0
  • Data are means ± SE or % and are derived from five animals for each genotype. The P values for 4-trans-hydroxyglibenclamide and 3-cis-hydroxyglibenclamide of Hnf-1α+/+ versus Hnf-1α−/− animals were 0.04 and 0.03, respectively.