Allele frequency of SNPs in the FOXC2 gene for control and type 2 diabetic subjects

SNPControl subjectsType 2 diabetic subjectsP
−512C>T129/400 (32.3%)118/390 (30.3%)0.591
−350G>T52/400 (13.0%)53/390 (13.6%)0.834
+898C>T (Pro300Ser)0/400 (0%)1/390 (0.3%)0.494
+907C>A (Leu303Met)1/400 (0.3%)6/390 (1.5%)0.066
1167_1169delCCA(389delHis)2/400 (0.5%)0/390 (0%)0.499
+1251C>A (Ala417Ala)0/400 (0%)1/390 (0.3%)0.494
+1548C>T40/400 (10.0%)41/390 (10.5%)0.816
  • Fisher’s exact probability test was used for the statistical analysis. Allele frequencies represent minor alleles different from the reference sequence (GenBank accession no. NT_024788). The nucleotide number of each SNP is counted from A of the start codon as 1, with the caution that the one base shorter numbers than those from the human draft sequence for the FOXC2 gene are used beyond +1060 as correct reference numbers.