Clinical details of subjects studied

Case subjects
Warren 2 trios probandsControl subjects
Warren 2 sib-pair probandsYoung-onset type 2 diabetesPopulation control 1 (EFS)Population control 2 (ECACC)
Male (%)5354.76250NA
Age of diagnosis (years)*56 (50–61)40.4 (36–44)40 (30–45)31 (28–35)NA
BMI28.1 (25.3–31.4)30.9 (27.0–34.9)30.7 (26.9–36.4)26.6 (24.4–29.7)NA
Treatment D/OHA/I (%)18/67/159/38/5321/64/15NA
WHR male0.95 (0.91–1.00)0.96 (0.94–1.01)0.96 (0.94–1.00)0.88 (0.83–0.92)NA
WHR female0.86 (0.83–0.91)0.88 (0.83–0.93)0.90 (0.85–0.96)NA
  • Continuous data are given as median (interquartile range).

  • *

    * Age at diagnosis for case subjects, age at study for control subjects;

  • control subjects were not on treatment;

  • there are no data for waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) for females in the EFS because females were pregnant at the time of the study. No clinical details were available for the ECACC population control samples. D/OHA/I, diet/oral hypoglycemic agents/insulin.