Outline of the experimental transfer model

Donor of transferred materialTransferred materialObservation time after transfer (days)No. of animalsRejection after transferEvaluation
B6ICC xenograft25NoIH, PCR
B6ICC xenograft39NoIH, PCR
B6ICC xenograft48NoIH, PCR
B6ICC xenograft612YesIH, PCR
B6Freeze-thawed ICC xenograft62NoIH
B615 Gy-irradiated ICC xenograft63NoIH
B6 Ig −/−ICC xenograft64YesIH
B6Immune serum72 + 2*NoIH
B6ICC xenograft6 + 426Yes/YesIH
  • Transfer of immunocompetent cells or immune serum to athymic B6 (nu/nu) mice that previously received a transplant of ICC xenografts. IH, immunohistochemistry.

  • *

    * Mice received an injection of either 0.5 ml of serum at the time of transplantation or 0.1 ml of serum on days 1–5 after transplantation.

  • Mice on the alternative protocol, i.e., ICC xenografts taken from the removed left kidney on day 6 after transfer and the grafts taken from the right kidney of the same retransplanted mice 6 weeks after transfer.